Welcome to Family Soul Time! A talk show and community for parents in the Toronto area, we share stories of everyday parents and offer insights from experts. Infuse some soul to make your day whole!

About Family Soul Time

Family Soul Time was born out of a desire to capture our stories, hopes, and dreams that we can pass onto our children. Our hope is to provide inspiration and wisdom for you precious parents, who are working so hard to provide love, nurture and food on the table. Through stories of everyday parents like yourselves, to insightful advice from experts, we want to provide inspiration and energy for your day.

Just as importantly, we believe that raising the next generation involves a process of reflection on what has shaped us, what our deepest values are, and how we can live our life around these important values and priorities.  While there is no single answer for everyone, our hope is that Family Soul Time will be a positive place for parents to learn, unwind and infuse some soul to make your day whole!

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You can listen to the episodes straight from the player below, or you can click on the links below to access individual episodes.  In the links, you can learn more about the guest, listen to that episode, read the interview transcript if you prefer, and engage with comments and questions!

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