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What the PFLP Will Do For You:

1. Will

 Names the people you choose to manage your assets upon your death
Names the people you choose to take immediate care of your children
Gives you control of how your assets are to be divided

2. Trust Plan

Keeps control of your money away from the government
Lets the people you trust manage your assets for the benefit of your children
Securely provides for your children into adulthood

3. Child Protection Plan

Provides short term, immediate protection for your kids if something happens to you
Assists the courts to respect your wishes for the longer-term care of your children
Communicates to the court and the caregivers how you wish your children to be raised

4. Powers of Attorney

Empowers someone you choose to make decisions about your personal health if you become incapacitated
Enables someone you choose to manage your property and affairs in your place if you become incapacitated
No wasted time in an emergency situation

5. Personal and Family Legacy Interview

Captures the stories and insights that will guide your children in your absence
Gives meaning to the assets you pass down by attaching memories to them
Lets your children know what is important to you

6. Free Review Every 3 Years

Makes sure that your will and estate plan reflect your circumstances
Captures any significant changes in your life and perspective
Continuous relationship with lawyer beyond a single transaction

Bonus for PFLP Clients:

Free exclusive lifetime access to the Park & Jung expert community

Monthly online seminars with experts in areas like financial planning, parenting, and childhood development – available ONLY to past PFLP clients.

Plans and Pricing

A La Carte

$ 250-500

Per DocumentSimple Wills

Powers of Attorney

Child Protection Plan

PFLP StandardMost Popular

$ 1500

Fixed RateMutual Wills

Trust Plan

Child Protection Plan

Powers of Attorney

Personal and Family Legacy Interview

Review Every 3 Years

Lifetime Membership to Park & Jung Expert Community


$ 2500+

Price VariesEverything in PFLP Standard Plan

Tailored trust plans for higher net worth assets

Advanced tax planning strategies

Pricing quoted on individual basis

How It Works:

  1. Book a PFLP Meeting
  2. Someone from our office calls to confirm and secure meeting with a credit card
  3. Complete assigned homework prior to the meeting
  4. Come to the meeting to learn how to secure your Personal and Family Legacy

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