What Benefits Can I Receive After Getting Hurt in a Car Accident?

This video talks about what benefits you can receive after getting hurt in a car accident. The main focus here is on medical rehabilitation benefits.


In this video, I talk about what you can get from your automobile insurance company to help you with the injuries you sustained in your car accident.

Depending on your circumstances, benefits you get from your auto insurance company include:

  • income replacement benefits (IRB)
  • non earner benefits; and
  • medical & rehab benefits.

My focus here is on Medical & Rehabilitation Benefits. These are the benefits that you get in order to pay for the services that are not covered by OHIP such as chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy.

If you did not sustain any apparent physical injuries, such as a broken bone, chances are your injuries will be categorized as coming within the definition of the minor Injury guideline. If you belong to this category, you will receive up to $3,500.00 worth of medical/rehab benefits which usually translates into 2-3 months of rehab treatments.

The catch, however, is that sometimes three months worth of treatment is not enough for you to get back to your normal life. And, unfortunately, your auto insurance company will hire their own doctors who will say that you have fully recovered and that you do not need any further treatments. This is where you need help from a professional. A lawyer who practices personal injury can help you to fight the insurance company to get more money for treatment.